Solving Problems – Residential Roof Replacement

Project Duration: Three Months

You’ve built your dream home. Every detail is custom-designed with no expense spared. You even took the plunge and got the indoor pool you always wanted. But after only 10 years of enjoying your home, which you thought would last more than 100 years, something goes wrong.

Stephen Stow, the owner of a multi-million dollar Langley home, found himself in this situation when he noticed a sudden spike in his monthly hydro bill.

Mr. Stow initially had Spectrum replace six skylights and then hired our electrician to determine why his electricity was costing between $7,000 and $8,000 each month.

It was discovered that the flat, concrete roof, which covered the client’s indoor pool, was leaking. Fixing the roof was going to be a big job. And it was something that Mr. Stow, as a director of a major mining and exploration company, did not have time to deal with.

Spectrum took on the role of consultant for this job. We managed contractors in order to replace the roof and we stuck to the initial budget throughout the entire project.

Overcoming Obstacles

Challenge: The client had already paid another company more than $20,000 to replace the roof membrane above the pool, but it failed again within the first year. So we needed to find a lasting solution to the problem.

Solution: Spectrum hired RDH, one of Vancouver’s top building envelope consultants, to inspect the failed roof and prepare a report and budget for their recommendations.

Challenge: Because this was the second roof replacement that the client had to do in one year, we absolutely had to stay within the initial $60,000 budget.

Solution: We obtained competitive bids from pre-qualified roofing companies that where certified by the roofing material supplier to install the new roof and issue a ten-year warranty. RDH inspected every major process in the construction of the roof under our direction. The job was completed on time and on budget.