Dealer/Supply Only

Not only does Spectrum fabricate and install custom skylights and canopies, but for the past 20 years we’ve also been well known and highly regarded as a go-to resource in our industry. Many glazers, installers and other contractors make use of our components – such as our proprietary aluminum extrusions – to create their own skylights, canopies and solariums.

Contractors who do not specialize in skylight or canopy construction will often sub-contract that portion of their project to us.

No matter your needs, we’ll gladly provide you with the level of expertise and assistance that you need and want, even if it’s just answers to your questions! We want to ally ourselves with other top-level professionals in the industry. We’re happy to discuss your ideas, liaise with your architect or contractor and ensure that you have everything you need to make the right custom skylight choice.