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Not only does Spectrum fabricate and install custom skylights and canopies, but for the past 20 years we’ve also been well known and highly regarded as a go-to resource in our industry. Many glazers, installers and other contractors make use of our components – such as our proprietary aluminum extrusions – to create their own skylights, canopies and solariums.

Contractors who do not specialize in skylight or canopy construction will often sub-contract that portion of their project to us.

No matter your needs, we’ll gladly provide you with the level of expertise and assistance that you need and want, even if it’s just answers to your questions! We want to ally ourselves with other top-level professionals in the industry.

For your information, we offer two main types of proprietary extrusions:

T-bar system:

Views of extrusions and extrusion components:
3” T-Bar T3001
4” T-Bar T4001
Roll Beads T1250 Single Glazed T750 Double Glazed


  • All framing members shall be extruded aluminum 6063-T6 alloy and Temper or equivalent
  • T-bar members shall have a thermal break where applicable
  • T-bar member includes an integral gutter, condensation tracks and allocation for gasket on under side of sealed unit
  • Sill detail includes a continuous sill shoe to afford a finished appearance along the bottom of skylight
  • Sill member is extruded with a continuous glass support detail
  • Glazing beads for retaining glass shall be a one-piece snap-in type roll section interlocking with T-bar
  • All fasteners are stainless steel, hidden from view when possible
  • Size of T-bar extrusion is determined by spans, slope of skylight and snow loading requirements

Pressure Plate system:

Views of extrusions and extrusion components:
Non Structural Purlin P500
Structural Purlin P1000
Purlin P5001
2″ Rafter P2000
3 1/2″ Rafter P3500
5″ Rafter P5000
Base Rafter P750
Beveled Pressure Cap P250
Beauty Cover P300


  • The tubular pressure system is designed for maximum span capability with little or no substructure requirements
  • Positive control of air and water through the use of interior condensation gutters and drainage channels, gasketed glazing splines and exterior gasketed pressure caps have been incorporated into these systems
  • Pressure system utilizes an overlap horizontal purlin method, again with internal drainage channels, and gaskets for prevention of any water penetration.
  • All framing members to be 6063-T6 alloy and temper or equivalent
  • All gaskets to be either santaprene or neoprene.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel hidden from view when possible
  • Rafter depths may be ¾” (our veneer type or skin system), 2”, 3 ½”, or 5”. Purlin depths of 11/16” (non structural) or 1 ¾” (structural). Depth of extrusion is determined by spans, slope and snow loading requirements.
  • Maximum deflection of any member shall not exceed L/175. All tubular skylight members produced by Spectrum provide internal vertical steel support, which shall increase the span capabilities of that particular extrusion.
  • Available in single glazed or with variety of safety glass sealed units, argon filled, curved glass, acrylic, polycarbonate.
  • Options includes pressure plate and cap system or with structural silicone butt joints
  • Lean-to, Box-Framed, Double Pitched, Ridge Lights with hipped or gabled ends, Structural Pyramids, Polygons, Segmented Barrel Vaults, Structural Dome, Hemispheres, Continuous Vault, Half and Quarter Rounds – to suit any architectural design and customer desire. Skylights are available in custom widths and length to suit any situation and virtually unlimited custom options available.
  • Our skylights can be constructed as one welded assembly or a KD package.

We’re happy to discuss your ideas, liaise with your architect or contractor and ensure that you have everything you need to make the right custom skylight choice.