Do you have an old skylight or aluminum enclosure that needs some attention? Every repair is different and it needs to be assessed by our trained skylight repair specialists.

For the most part, consumers repair or retrofit their skylights or canopies when there’s a fundamental problem. Perhaps there’s leaking or structural damage. The obvious problems are easy to see. It’s the surprises that can completely change the nature of a retrofit from seemingly simple to complex and costly. Sometimes, there’s just no way to tell until you begin opening up the walls and areas surrounding the affected site.

Spectrum will help you find the most cost-effective solution – one that’s long term and low maintenance.

We’ll analyze the challenges and develop effective solutions. Our in-house design, engineering, installation and project management team are experienced in handling challenges of this nature. Whether it’s a simple skylight replacement or a major restoration project, we have exactly the right solution for you.

Building envelope restoration: Multi family and Institutional

British Columbia has experienced many instances of building envelope failure and Spectrum Skyworks has built a reputation as a reliable resource for restoration of skylights and canopies involved in these types of restoration projects. In fact, multi-family and institutional restoration projects account for a significant percentage of our business.

During the initial planning process, we are happy to work with you on budgets and design considerations prior to bid so that you are able to present your client with total project costs.

Projects of this nature are completed over a fairly lengthy period of time, so it’s important that you are completely confident, not only in our ability to do the job right, but also in our willingness to work with you to ensure that your project is cost-effective, completed on time and performs with integrity long term.

We are members of the B.C. Building Envelope Council and the Fenestration Association of B.C. For your additional peace of mind, we have bonding capabilities, WorkSafe programs, commercial liability insurance and our crews are supervised by journeyman glazers.