Roof Access Skylights

As rooftop decks become increasingly popular, so have Roof Access Skylights. Spectrum Skyworks can help make any rooftop entertaining space a reality with our Roof Access Skylight designs and installation services. We currently offer three standard Roof Access Skylight sizes and slopes, including the largest size skylight (42 x 80 model) available in the Vancouver area.

Our Roof Access Skylights are made with low emissivity (low-e) glass, sturdy internal aluminum structure frame and gas shock pistons. We ensure a watertight system through highly-sealed curbs and curb membranes to ensure a long-lasting product.

Our experience and ability to meet the toughest building codes and energy efficiency standards is one of the key reasons many clients choose Spectrum. Whether you’re looking for us to renovate or repair leaking Roof Access Skylights or are looking for new, high-quality engineered Roof Access Skylights, contact us today for more information.