Spectrum Skyworks provides customized versatility for commercial glazing projects, and all of them meet stringent design criteria. We provide superior product turnaround and continual support from inception to completed project for architects and contractors.

Here are just a few more advantages to working with Spectrum:

  • We will provide you with the shop drawings and any necessary engineered stamped finish drawings. We’ll also advise you if we see any engineering issues to avoid problems on site and we’ll work with you to create innovative design ideas.
  • Wherever possible, daylighting products are built in factory-controlled conditions and delivered to site for installation for enhanced accuracy of construction. All of our products are created using proven system components developed and refined over the past two decades.
  • For larger projects, we create pre-production models as a “test run” to ensure all possible problems are dealt with prior to installation.
  • All products are produced using best-of-class technology: Our designs incorporate only Spectrum’s proprietary profiles so we control the quality and availability through our large inventory of aluminum extrusions.
  • Engineered approval drawings use both AutoCad and Solidworks software for 3D modeling of designs prior to fabricating the skylight.
  • In-factory punching and welding afford tight quality control processors to meet our testing certification by independent auditors.
  • Five stage pretreatment line for aluminum extrusion and powder coating to meet AAMA 2604 coating requirements.
  • We will liaise with your client and any other professionals you may be collaborating with to ensure smooth project flow.