Skylights are an excellent way to let outside light into homes, living and entertaining spaces.

As experts in the area of custom skylight construction, the team at Spectrum is experienced in creating virtually any kind of skylight you could wish for. Although we operate from an extensive knowledge base acquired over more than 20 years, we are always exploring new frontiers in skylight construction.

Some of the more common skylight shapes include pyramids, single slopes, double sloped ridgelites, ridgelites with hipped or glazed ends, segmented and radius polygons, segmented and radius domes and vaults as well as overhead and walkway canopies and solariums. Skylights can be built with added operational functionality allowing them to be opened and closed as desired.

We can accommodate all pitched and flat roof conditions. We pride ourselves on only delivering finished products of the highest quality and craftsmanship – so naturally, all our work is fully guaranteed. We have to be convinced that your skylight will give you years of trouble-free service before we sign off on it. This is why we do not subcontract anything, even the installation. All installations are done by Spectrum’s factory trained and certified glazers.

  • Pyramid Skylights

    The size of the hip structural member will be determined by the size of the opening and the pitch desired.

    Pyramid skylights are constructed in either one of two ways:

    • One welded assembly
    • Knock down format


  • Single-Slope Skylights

    Also known as “curb-mounted” or “lean-to,” these skylights are, as the name suggests, a single plane skylight commonly found built into a roof. These are the simplest of skylight designs. We usually supply and install these, however they are available as a knock down package on request.


  • Ridge Skylights

    Similar to the single slope skylight, except that the double slope has two planes.


  • Double-Pitched with Gables Skylights

    These skylights are a little more complex than the Ridge skylight. They also have a double slope, but in this instance, the double-pitched skylight will also include a ridge support as well as intermediate supports for lateral loading. It can also feature gable ends if desired. Depending on the size of the unit, it may be transported in a pre-fabricated format to the site, or if larger, it would be in a knock down format for assembly and glazing on site.


  • Hip Ridge Skylights

    These skylights are usually installed over outdoor areas, such as pools, where they are supported by a sub structure at the perimeter. We can either supply the support structure with the skylight or we can create the skylight to work with a structure created previously or by another contractor. The skylight can also be supplied as a knock down package for installation by your contractor.


  • Segmented and Radius polygons

    This is an interesting polygon-shaped skylight which makes use of a low profile pressure plate glazing bar. This allows the creation of the attractive polygon shape. All the structural members are welded together prior to installation so the base structure is simply “dropped on” at the site and then glazed.

    For large areas, the polygon skylight can be supplied in a knock down format.


  • Barrel Vaults and Domes

    The simple yet attractive barrel vault skylight is usually created as a fully constructed unit prior to installation, though, if required, it can be assembled on site. Interestingly, instead of glass the glazing is done using double glazed acrylic or lexan.


  • Segmented Barrel Vaults and Domes

    These barrel-shaped skylights are a little more complex than the simple barrel vault. Aluminum rafters are used for the framework, which is fabricated and then shipped to the site where the glazing is done.


  • Overhead Canopies

    These can be as simple as an eyebrow canopy over a doorway or stairs. Because these canopies are always for outdoor applications, they are single glazed with laminate or tempered glass for safety reasons. The tie-in mechanism of these canopies into the building structure is of particular importance, especially when used in leaky condo restoration projects, and we will often work closely with the building consultant and engineers to ensure that all the requirements are met to maintain envelope integrity.


  • Walkway Canopies

    As the name suggests, these canopies are usually to create a “dry” outdoor space with overhead protection from the elements. The canopy is installed on a support structure of some kind, usually wood or steel, and uses 6mm laminated or tempered glass. We can handle the entire project or supply and install the canopy on an existing structure.

    Our projects range from the simple, small space canopy with no gutters or downspouts, to a more complex ridge unit incorporating both. In a recent project, we created a canopy covering a large outdoor area within a mall complex.


  • Solariums

    Spectrum Solariums are manufactured to the same standards as our skylights and canopies. They can be created in either a straight or curved eave style, depending on your project. Some of the notable details about these solariums is that they incorporate a gasketed tubular member with a continuous thermally broken head and sill member. All our solariums feature an overlap purlin and rafter detail with standard glazing splines and integrated drainage channels combining to maintain a weatherproof, dry solarium environment.