Commercial Skylights Can Make a Difference in Your Office

Installing skylights in your office space can have a bigger effect on your bottom line than you might think.

  1. Higher productivity

Nothing says “stifling” like the dull hum of fluorescent lights. If you want your office to have some life, increasing the amount of natural light could have a profound effect on the productivity of your workers. Studies have shown that natural lighting increased the test performances of students between 20 and 26 per cent.

  1. Promote your Retail Business 

For retail businesses, adding some glazing (skylights, windows, etc.) to your location can greatly affect the attractiveness of your building. Details like decorative railings for your stairs or glass canopies outside your door can catch people’s attention and draw them into your store.

  1. Boost your Bottom Line

Investing in skylights early on will end up saving you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. The average medium-sized office space has around 30 fluorescent lights. Imagine not needing those; both your electricity bill and your head will thank you.

  1. Improve your Business Image

If your business prides itself as being environmentally friendly, it’s good to back it up with solid facts. Dramatically reducing your energy usage by adding more windows and skylights shows your customers that you are serious about your commitment.

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